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Welcome to the Windows Customization page. Within these pages you will find a vast assortment of pages dedicated to helping you customize and configure windows to your specific needs. If you can't find any information relating to your specific needs please feel free to E-Mail us with your comments, questions, or anything you wish to relay to us.

Customizing Windows98

  • Starting Windows 98
  • Shutting Down Windows 98
  • The Windows Interface
  • Opening a Window
  • Sizing a Window
  • Using the Scroll Bars
  • Viewing a Window's Contents
  • Using Menus
  • Setting up Mail Account(s)

  • File Management
  • Changing How a Window's Contents Are Displayed
  • Working with Folders
  • Working with Files
  • Using the Windows Explorer
  • Managing File Associations

  • Installing and Managing Applications
  • Understanding How Windows 98 Runs Applications
  • Installing Windows Applications
  • Organizing the Programs Menu
  • Working with Program Shortcuts
  • Working with MS-DOS
  • Removing Applications

  • Installing New Hardware
  • Using the Add New Hardware Wizard
  • How Windows 98 Works with Hardware
  • Walking Though Plug and Play
  • Installing Device Drivers
  • Managing Older Hardware
  • Changing Settings After a Device is Installed
  • The Device Manager
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Tweaking Performance Levels
  • Removing Unneeded Device Drivers