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Shutting Down Windows 98

Before you turn off your computer, you must shut down Windows to ensure you don't lose any data or configuration. You also can shut down Windows and restart the computer, in Windows 98 or MS-DOS mode.

Following are the Shut Down options available to you in the Shut Down Windows dialog box:


Before you turn off your computer, always shut down Windows 98 by clicking the Start button and choosing Shut Down. This results in a safe shutdown and helps to prevent files from being corrupted or damaged.


To shut down Windows, follow these steps:

  1. From the Desktop, click Start | Shut Down.
  2. When the Shut Down Windows dialog box appears, choose one of the options previously described. To quit working on the computer, choose Shut Down the Computer. Then choose Yes.
  3. Do not turn the computer off until Windows displays the message telling you that it's okay to turn off your computer (some computers turn off automatically, so this message isn't displayed).