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  We all have our own dreams of what we consider a "Dream Machine".In this page I will present in simple easy to follow instructions how to build your dream machine or a basic run of the mill PC. The options you choose to build your PC will ultimately be the deciding factor of your PC speed and performance.

     One of the most compelling reasons to build your own PC is the simple fact that you can optimize your system to your special requirements and the satisfaction of knowing that this machine was built from your hands. The system I will be building in this page is just an example and you can switch and substitute as you see fit, taking into consideration what your specific needs are.

Ok enough talk people lets do this don't expect a whole lot of graphics here people we're here to build a PC we'll leave the cute stuff for later, right now lets go build a Computer. Links on right side of page will help with any problems with specific installations.

The Parts:


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