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Removing Applications

When you install a Windows application, not only do you copy the application's files into it's own folder, but in most cases numerous other support files are copied into the Windows folder and the Windows Registry file is modified. For this reason, uninstalling an application can be a complex procedure. Fortunately, many application setup programs now offer an uninstall option to automate the process when you need to remove the application from your system. The Add/Remove Programs property sheet has an uninstall feature that can help with this process.

Uninstalling Applications Automatically

To uninstall an application automatically, start by opening the Control Panel and choosing the Add/Remove Programs icon to open the Add/Remove Programs Properties sheet — the same sheet you used to install the application. Only applications that provide uninstall programs specifically designed to work with Windows 98 appear in the list of applications that Windows 98 can remove automatically.

To remove an application, select it from the list applications in the lower portion of the dialog box and choose Remove. After you confirm that you want to remove the program, Windows runs the selected application's uninstall program.

Removing MS-DOS Applications

If you decide to remove an MS-DOS application from your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the application folder in Windows Explorer or My Computer.
  2. Check to make sure there are no data files in the folder (or subfolders in the folder).
  3. Drag the folder to the Recycle or press Del and choose Yes.