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Acquiring an IP Address

Although theoretically you could arbitrarily assign your own IP network address for your network, any address you might choose probably would already be assigned to someone else's network. If your network is self-contained and not connected to the Internet, duplicate addressing shouldn't cause any problems. If your network is connected to the Internet or you decide to connect it in the future, however, duplicate addressing causes serious routing problems for both networks.

To assure uniqueness of network addresses, a governing organization known as InterNIC (Internet Network Information Center) is responsible for assigning and maintaining IP addresses. If you set up a TCP/IP network, you should contact InterNIC to obtain a unique network IP address for your network. You can contact InterNIC at the following address or phone number. You also can register through the Internet by sending a registration request to If you want more information about InterNIC and IP addressing, connect through the Internet to, log on as anonymous, and browse the directory /INFOSOURCE/FAQ for more information. Or, point your browser to To contact InterNIC through standard mail, phone, or fax, use the following information:

Network Solutions
InterNIC Registration Services
505 Huntmar Park Drive
Herndon, VA 22070
Fax 703-742-4811